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Top Ten Tips for Buying a Puppy

Top Ten Tips for Buying a Puppy

| by Editor | Posted in Telford Pets

Our guest blogger and community partner, Sharon Kelly, is an expert canine behaviour specialist. Working with dogs – from pups to seniors across Telford – Sharon offers all levels of training, from learning basic commands to more complex ones, as well as a range obedience issues. 

Here’s Sharon’s top ten tips for when you’re thinking of buying a new puppy. 

Ask yourself: Why do you want a puppy?
What do you want do be able to do when it is an adult? How much exercise are you prepared for? How much grooming can you do? Do you have other pets? Do you have (intend to have) children? The answers will help you decide on the breed/type of dog that is best for you.

Do your research! 
Visit breeders, ask friends, trainers, read books. Just because you like the look of a breed, doesn't mean it will fit your lifestyle.

Have patience
When you have decided what you’re looking for, do more research into breeders. Be prepared to wait and travel for the right puppy, especially for the more unusual breeds/colours. If in doubt, walk away.

Check what health concerns or tests you need to be aware of 
Both parents should be tested (where a test is available). Cross-breeds can still have health problems. For example, poodles used to create Cockerpoos or Labradoodles should still be tested for the eye condition PRA.

Beware of puppy farms/importers!
Don't feel sorry for pups and buy them, you are only encouraging them to continue. You may rescue that one pup, but it will be replaced by hundreds more. Walk away and report them to the authorities. Anyone having more than five litters in 12 months needs a licence.

A good breeder should ask you lots of questions to ensure that you are suitable for their pups – don't be offended, rather worry if they don't.

You should ALWAYS be able to see the mum and get lots of information about the dad.
Male or female? One or two?
The boy/girl thing is personal preference. It is better to think of the individual character of the pup and how it fits you. Boys are often a little larger and neutering costs are a bit lower.

Never gets two pups at the same time. They will always look to each other and not you. Everything from toilet training to bed time will be harder. They will also be more likely to fight.
Be prepared before the pup comes home 
Decide on rules before they come home: will the pup be allowed on the sofa or not, upstairs or not? It’s easier to start as you mean to go on, rather than change later. Where is the pup going to sleep or stay when unsupervised? Where will they eat? Get toys/bed/bowls etc and organise any help you may need for when you’re at work, or out of the house for any length of time.
Look for a recommended trainer 
Get your pup booked into socialisation and training sessions. This will help to ensure they grow up well-rounded, sociable dogs, and a joy to own.
All pups should be at least 8 weeks old to leave mum and their littermates
It is a legal requirement that all pups are microchipped before they leave the breeders. Ensure you have all relevant paperwork.
It will be hard work, but having a puppy is fun. Take the time and effort now and you will be rewarded with a loyal companion for the next 12-14 years.

To get in touch with Sharon, visit her website or follow her on Facebook

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